An open and honest letter to Apple - It is time to set your course right - NerdCracker

As I sit down to write this to Apple inc, I know deep inside my heart that it will not reach them nor any of the major propotion of the public outside the blog's readers. But, still i want to open up and throw out every thing that has been accumulating in my mind after the death of the Great Steve Jobs. 
If I say Apple has not been up to the mark after the demise of Steve Jobs and the rise of Tim Cook you cannot consider it as a wrong statement. Apple was once a symbol of quality and innovation but now it is a mere tech company based in silicon valley making dollars upon dollars and not caring about through which situation it's customers are going through! 
Recently I bought an iPhone 7 plus. I had to give up on Samsung Galaxy S8 for this phone. But, what I get in return for my choice? A matte black iPhone 7 plus with its paint chipping off and numerous software crashes alongside serious battery drainage issues! Is this what you have come down to Apple? I do not think this is…

5 free and quick ways to rapidly increase your Snapchat followers- Get Snap famous-2017-NerdCracker

Snapchat is on the rise and it is the right time to get on the track if you want your Snap Story to be seen by thousands of people! Here are the 5 most efficient tested ways through which you can GET THEM FOLLOWERS!

1) Share your Snapchat Code/Username on every other social media account that you have. Because unlike instagram snapchat is not efficient in showing you any suggestions except few people.  For instance like this. You can take a screenshot of your own snapcode and share.

2) Share your Snap Activity. This means you have to share with people added on your Facebook/Insta/twitter the things you are upto on snapchat. Sharing your activity might attract people and they will give you an instant follow on snapchat!

3) Follow not so famous people and ask for shoutouts. Yes! this mantra works very well. You can ask your friends to share your snapcode on their account and as a return to the favour you can share their snapcodes. It will cost you one Snap but will surely get you a mas…

How to use the new Snapchat link feature- NerdCracker 2017

This month Snapchat rolled out a new update for its user which includes various new features. Out of those features the one which stood out the most is adding an external link to your Snapchat story.
From the beginning people have found it difficult to use that feature. This link feature can be used for promotions and can finish of the hassle of  sending links to people separately.

Here is how it is used (WITH PICTURES)
1) Take a Snap and along side other options you will see a "Paper Clip" sign on the screen. As shown in the picture below 

2) Now click on this paper clip sign and it will now ask you to enter the Url in the space. You have to enter the desired url in that space and click enter. This is illustrated in the picture below

3) After clicking enter you will be proceeded towards the Url page and on the bottom you will notice a button saying "Attach to Snapchat" Just click on that and you are done!

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One of the worst Facebook page that needs to shut down instantly!!

So there is this Facebook page with the name "SHEIKHUPURA's F.BOOK UPDATES" 
This Facebook page has gained more than 206K likes and following on Facebook! And is getting them more day by day!

Why it is the worst Facebook page?
1) Been involved in online sexual harassment
2) Have uploaded obscene images and videos on facebook! (Still continuing to do so)
3) Tried to invoke people's religious sentiments  thus spreading hate speech.
4) Most importantly, leaked people's private information!

This facebook page has now surely proved that Yes there are people mindless people that are worst than flesh eating animals which are out there playing with other people's lives.

I am not making it a long page, since i cannot write after all the horrendous stories i have listened to and read against this inhumane page! KINDLY, if you think you are a human in senses please please please report this page before any other damage!


4 Unforgettable Experiences Of Every Newbie at Blogging - Experience Website Hosting

Blog ? Blogging ? Blogger ! Wordpress ? SEO ? Thousands of words like this starts to swim in your mind when you start to think of starting a blog and that too your first One ! ! !

Well , Yes that is a common thing and what is more common is that it happens to all of us , unless we belong to rich families with handsome amount of Dollars in our pocket for the Ads to promote the Blog .

 So allow me to share my experience ( * Audience : Allowed !*) since i was an immature blogger then ! (And Now too ) . I have got a lot of things to mention under this topic area and i am afraid that they might make the post bit longer , but how can i help my self , " Man ! ! I must share my thoughts to lower the burden on my mind and soul "

 Lets start with the basic and the very first step

 "Choosing Between Blogger And WordPress" Huh ! That was a not so easy thing . When i started blogging , i asked the people in my circle to tell which platform is better WP or Blogger . The resu…

Reasons To Dislike Instagram's New Logo And UI (Design ) -2016 - Review

Hate that New  Instagram icon. You can disagree , Dislike me , but you are still wrong. 

Instagram finally changed its app icon this week and, boy, did the Internet react. The iconic instant camera icon — with a glass lens, viewfinder, brown leather wrap and rainbow, alongside the word "Insta" in the corner is gone.

As I'm certain you have seen by currently, it's been replaced with a simplified glyph within the form of a camera printed in white and put on  top of a yellow-orange-red-pink-purple gradient.

It's definitely totally different. Instagram recently said that, during the inventive method of flattening the icon, it wanted to make it  certain the updated look was still recognizable. But my issue is it's too marginal and the gradient selection is simply too loud.

Though the recent icon was a remaining trace of skeuomorphic style (digital styles that check physical objects to create them a lot of relatable and familiar), there was something terribly calming r…

Google Lets The User Name The New Android OS - Android N - Overview I/O 2016

Yes ! Well that is a friendly attitude towards the users ....  Glad i got something to contribute in the new OS Version . I can now proudly say it to my Grand Children " Ho Ho Ho I named the Android OS "
 Enough with the jokes and all , but it is true . Users can now help google choose the new name for the Android OS as Google Android Head said it in I/O 2016

" Well it was a difficult thing to name the Android N , So we let Users Do It "
This sentence got   a huge applause from the audience , clearly heard at the live session .

You can go to this address and give a name of your choice , rest is on Google to pick the Best

Name Android N :  <-------- Go  Give A Name Now !

Android N is by far the best release of Android OS as said by the presenter . It has got a lot of new improvements  the overview of them is right there in the list below

1) Better Graphics for Apps and Stuff

2) "Vulkan" Modern 3D Game Developer- Helps the Game Develo…