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An open and honest letter to Apple - It is time to set your course right - NerdCracker

As I sit down to write this to Apple inc, I know deep inside my heart that it will not reach them nor any of the major propotion of the public outside the blog's readers. But, still i want to open up and throw out every thing that has been accumulating in my mind after the death of the Great Steve Jobs. 
If I say Apple has not been up to the mark after the demise of Steve Jobs and the rise of Tim Cook you cannot consider it as a wrong statement. Apple was once a symbol of quality and innovation but now it is a mere tech company based in silicon valley making dollars upon dollars and not caring about through which situation it's customers are going through! 
Recently I bought an iPhone 7 plus. I had to give up on Samsung Galaxy S8 for this phone. But, what I get in return for my choice? A matte black iPhone 7 plus with its paint chipping off and numerous software crashes alongside serious battery drainage issues! Is this what you have come down to Apple? I do not think this is…