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Aptoide v5.3.2 build ad free download * idm-2016

Aptoide is the largest independent Google Android app store and permits one to setup and manage your own Google Android Store. Upload, test and approve your apps. 
Aptoide is a distributed marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the Google Android package. In Aptoide, unlike the default Google Play Store, there is not a singular and centralized store but every user manages their own store.

The Android application used to access the stores is open supply, associated there are many forks such as F-Droid. The communication between the consumer and servers is completed using an open protocol supported XML.

The concept is impressed by the APT packaging manager, which will work with multiple sources (repositories). When the user needs a package, they use the client to search for sources wherever the appliance is kept.

The name Aptoide is formed from the words "APT" (the Debian package manager) and "oide" (the last language unit of "Android").
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