Google Lets The User Name The New Android OS - Android N - Overview I/O 2016

Yes ! Well that is a friendly attitude towards the users ....  Glad i got something to contribute in the new OS Version . I can now proudly say it to my Grand Children " Ho Ho Ho I named the Android OS "
 Enough with the jokes and all , but it is true . Users can now help google choose the new name for the Android OS as Google Android Head said it in I/O 2016

" Well it was a difficult thing to name the Android N , So we let Users Do It "

This sentence got   a huge applause from the audience , clearly heard at the live session .

You can go to this address and give a name of your choice , rest is on Google to pick the Best

Name Android N :  <-------- Go  Give A Name Now !

Android N is by far the best release of Android OS as said by the presenter . It has got a lot of new improvements  the overview of them is right there in the list below

1) Better Graphics for Apps and Stuff

2) "Vulkan" Modern 3D Game Developer- Helps the Game Developers a Lot !

3) JIT compiled - Which enables the fast downloading of the Application by 75%


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