How to use the new Snapchat link feature- NerdCracker 2017

This month Snapchat rolled out a new update for its user which includes various new features. Out of those features the one which stood out the most is adding an external link to your Snapchat story.
From the beginning people have found it difficult to use that feature. This link feature can be used for promotions and can finish of the hassle of  sending links to people separately.

Here is how it is used (WITH PICTURES)
1) Take a Snap and along side other options you will see a "Paper Clip" sign on the screen. As shown in the picture below 

2) Now click on this paper clip sign and it will now ask you to enter the Url in the space. You have to enter the desired url in that space and click enter. This is illustrated in the picture below

3) After clicking enter you will be proceeded towards the Url page and on the bottom you will notice a button saying "Attach to Snapchat" Just click on that and you are done!

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