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Snapchat is on the rise and it is the right time to get on the track if you want your Snap Story to be seen by thousands of people! Here are the 5 most efficient tested ways through which you can GET THEM FOLLOWERS!

1) Share your Snapchat Code/Username on every other social media account that you have. Because unlike instagram snapchat is not efficient in showing you any suggestions except few people.  For instance like this. You can take a screenshot of your own snapcode and share.

2) Share your Snap Activity. This means you have to share with people added on your Facebook/Insta/twitter the things you are upto on snapchat. Sharing your activity might attract people and they will give you an instant follow on snapchat!

3) Follow not so famous people and ask for shoutouts. Yes! this mantra works very well. You can ask your friends to share your snapcode on their account and as a return to the favour you can share their snapcodes. It will cost you one Snap but will surely get you a massive amount of followers. I got about 50 followers in this way on the very first attempt.

4) Keep your snap audience updated. If your snap family knows that you are active on snapchat it is 100% guaranteed that they will tell their acquaintances about you. Those people might follow you in curiosity or might want to start a streak with you because of your activeness.

5) If you follow any celeb on snapchat that replies or at least sees your messages (Many celebs are responsive on SC) then DO NOT lose him. you can always stay under his attention always send good messages. A day will come when that celeb will share your snapcode! It has happened and it is still happening.

I hope these  fiery 5 will be enough to get you started on the haul to gain more followers. Please do share with friends!
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