Reasons To Dislike Instagram's New Logo And UI (Design ) -2016 - Review

Instagram New Logo And Design
Hate that New  Instagram icon. You can disagree , Dislike me , but you are still wrong. 

Instagram finally changed its app icon this week and, boy, did the Internet react. The iconic instant camera icon — with a glass lens, viewfinder, brown leather wrap and rainbow, alongside the word "Insta" in the corner is gone.

As I'm certain you have seen by currently, it's been replaced with a simplified glyph within the form of a camera printed in white and put on  top of a yellow-orange-red-pink-purple gradient.

It's definitely totally different. Instagram recently said that, during the inventive method of flattening the icon, it wanted to make it  certain the updated look was still recognizable. But my issue is it's too marginal and the gradient selection is simply too loud.

Though the recent icon was a remaining trace of skeuomorphic style (digital styles that check physical objects to create them a lot of relatable and familiar), there was something terribly calming regarding seeing it on your homescreen and then sound on that.

Whether that was as a result of of the brown upper-third portion of the icon (warmer colours area unit well-known to be a lot of relaxing) or the recent-school lens and view finder style galvanized by old instant cameras, the app icon didn't feel like it absolutely was ever in your face.

The new icon does. It's screaming for attention. OPEN ME! (Like we do not already obsessively check Instagram twenty million times every day anyway.) The new icon's loud design is intentional; its designers feared a barebones icon would get lumped in with alternative camera apps.

Analyzing my iPhone's main homescreen, it's been apparent to me over the previous couple of years the foremost well-liked apps i exploit area unit usually inexperienced (Phone, Messages, Spotify, Whatsapp, Vine, etc.) or blue (Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Outlook, App Store, etc.). The third most widely-used color icon seems to be white: all of Google's apps (Chrome, Google, Google Photos, YouTube, Hangouts), Apple Music, Calendar, Reminders, Safari, etc.

The only real app that stands proud is Snapchat and its yellow icon. And now the new Instagram icon sticks out sort of a sore thumb, too.

Perhaps the worst half, in my opinion, is how the app appearance like it's slanted to the left. It's an optical illusion created from the bulbous camera glyptic art that sits inside the less rounded and straighter app icon form itself. The depth of the gradient only makes it all worse, furthering the visual slant trick.

The icon's not the only factor that is totally different if you updated to the newest version of the app — the UI is entirely new, too. It's stripped of almost all of its color, and the blue has been replaced with black. Meanwhile, the notification icons are red and no longer orange.

The black and white design is supposed to not solely place your photos and videos front and center (with fewer distracting parts around it), but additionally bring it in line with today's fashionable interfaces that emphasize tons of white house and reductivism.

I'm a bit of a minimalist once it involves product style (hardware and software), but even I feel the app currently appearance very bland. Sure, it feels faster in all areas, but there is nothing distinct regarding it any longer. It's about as generic as the alternative twenty-four photo-editing apps I actually have put in on page 3 of my iPhone homescreen.

I could gripe regarding however snow-bright the writing sliders area unit — particularly once you are writing a post in a bar or dimly-lit eating place and do not need the screen illuminating your entire face therefore intensely — however i feel you already have the knowledge how sad i'm with the new changes.

Change is exhausting. I know. I'm positive i will get used to the revamp over time (What selection do I have? Not use Instagram?), but right currently I hate everything regarding the new app with a passion. 

But I solely have one real choice right now: Deal with the Insta Shi*

Creds: Mashable 


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